1. What is Lavibeu?

Lavibeu is an online store that focus on selling mainly Korean skincare products. Based on past studies, it is found out that most Malaysian women and even man prefer skincare products that are from Korea as compared to those from other countries. Well of course! The reason is because Korea is placed No.1 in the world for their skincare and cosmetic products. Companies that sell beauty products in Korea are very competitive due to high quality demands from the customers, and that is why almost all brands from Korea are all very good and high quality.

With all of that said, that is why Lavibeu would like to bring the best of the best skincare products to all the customers in Malaysia! Also customers no longer need to pay expensive shipping fees and wait weeks to receive their packages because the products are already imported here in Malaysia! And of course these are all 100% Genuine products, Guaranteed!

That’s not all, the even more important thing to mention is that our prices are lower than most sellers in Malaysia! So stop reading and start shopping at our online store now!


2 This is my first time shopping at Lavibeu, what should I do?

Steps you should take:

  1. Register an account with us by clicking at ‘MY ACCOUNT’ at the homepage or just go to this link: https://lavibeu.store/my-account/. You can do a one click sign-up using Facebook Login.
  2. After signing up, your account dashboard will be displayed. Go to ‘Edit Address’ and fill up your billing and shipping address.
  3. After setting both addresses, it’s time for shopping! Now you can click on ‘SHOP NOW’ button and start adding the items you want to your shopping basket by clicking ‘ADD TO BASKET’ for each product that you want to purchase.
  4. At the ‘SHOP NOW’ page where all the products are listed, there is a very useful and easy to use filter side bar where you can directly search or apply filter to look for the products that you want.
  5. After adding all the products you want to your shopping basket, click ‘VIEW BASKET’ or the cute basket icon beside ‘MY ACCOUNT’ button at the top. You will be able to see all the products that you have previously added. You will be able to see how much points you have in your account and also how much points you will be earning for the current order.
  6. Before proceeding to payment, enter any coupon code that you have or apply points for discounts on your total bill. Once confirmed, click on ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’.
  7. After clicking ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’, the next page will have a notice on top that shows the total points you will be earning for the current purchase. Your order and prices will also be displayed again for final confirmation.
  8. To make payment, you have a choice of direct bank transfer to our MAYBANK account or pay by credit/debit card through Mobiversa. (Mobiversa is one of the best Payment Gateway Services in Malaysia that is PCI level 1 certified that ensures the highest security standards in the payment industry. This ensures zero compromise on safety leading to an optimal customer experience. Having their services with us here on our website also ensures that our business is a legitimate business and is safe to make purchases from Lavibeu.store)
  9. After selecting your method of choice for payment, click on ‘PLACE ORDER’ and proceed by taking the necessary steps in completing the payment. You will receive at least 2 emails after placing your order. One email will be a confirmation that we have received your order. Second email will be a confirmation that we have received your payment. (Only after we confirmed your payment that we will start processing your order)

1. How many payment methods are there?

There are 2 ways you can make payment to us for your purchases:

  1. Placing orders by selecting the ‘Direct bank transfer’ option will bring you to the next page where Lavibeu’s MAYBANK BUSINESS ACCOUNT details will be displayed. You have a choice of making direct transfer by using MAYBANK QRPAY or manually enter the account number provided to carry out the transfer. The amount entered must not be lower than the total price displayed at checkout for the order. (Please remember to keep your receipt of your transfer for proof of transfer. Proof of transfer must be provided if requested by Lavibeu team. Lavibeu reserves the rights to cancel any orders and is not obliged to make any refunds in case of purchaser/customer unable to provide proof of receipt when requested or amount paid is lower than the actual amount billed to purchaser/customer for their order.)
  2. Placing order by selecting ‘Pay by Mobiversa (Credit/Debit Card)’ option will require you to insert your credit card/debit card details and agree to the website’s terms and conditions before proceeding with the payment. Purchaser/customer will be redirected another page to complete their payment. An email with the transaction receipt will be sent to purchaser/customer after each successful payment. Please contact [email protected] if no transaction receipt is received within 24 hours after successfully making payment.

1. How do you charge for shipping?

For both West Malaysia & East Malaysia, we charge a flat rate of RM 8.00 for each order that has a total amount less than RM 80.00. Any order with total purchase worth RM 80.00 and above will be entitled for free shipping.


2. Why are the shipping charges higher than other stores?

Our products are imported from KOREA so that you do not have to pay the very high overseas shipping charges. Our store has a high shipping rate because we would like to encourage our customers target for the free shipping. The prices of our products are set so low that we might not earn or even make small losses if we do no charge RM 8.00 shipping fee for orders that are below RM 80.00. That is why we hope that our customers could support us by purchasing RM 80.00 and above so that we can earn enough per order to cover some of our delivery costs. We are being transparent and honest with our customers on this. Thank you all customers, for your understanding and support.


3. How do I select free shipping option during checkout?

‘Free Shipping’ will only appear only if your total order is RM 80.00 and above, the shipping fee will automatically be deducted from the total order amount and reflected immediately. (Be aware that the choice of paying the shipping fee with flat rate RM 8.00 will still be available and selectable. Please do not select it if your order is entitled for free shipping unless you would like to support us by helping us pay for your own shipping fee. Thank you for your kind support! )


4. How long does it take for my order to arrive?

2-5 days for Peninsular Malaysia & 6-10 days for East Malaysia.

1. Are there free samples included in every order?

Free samples are not promised to be included in each order. Free samples are based on availability (while stocks last)


2. Items added to shopping basket became out of stock?

Items added to shopping basket doesn’t mean the items are secured yet. (Example: Customer A and Customer B, both customers have product X in their shipping basket and it is the last one in stock. Customer B successfully made the payment first, so customer B gets the product while Customer A sees the product as out of stock.)


3. How do I make changes to items in my shopping basket?

Click on the Shopping Basket icon beside ‘MY ACCOUNT’ or ‘VIEW BASKET’ on single product page after adding it to basket. Then make the necessary changes to your basket such as removing products or adjusting the quantity of the products. Lastly click ‘UPDATE BASKET’ to apply the changes to the products in your basket.


4. How do I cancel my order/ edit my order / return my order?

For all these 3 requests, please proceed by email your request to [email protected].

Additional information:

  1. Order cancellation: Orders can only be cancelled if your order have not been processed.
  2. Edit my order: Edit of order after customer placed the order is not possible.
  3. Return my order: returns will only be accepted if your product (not including the box which contains it) has been damaged, expired, wrong product delivered, or not genuine. Other reasons for return will be considered by Lavibeu and Lavibeu reserves the rights to make the final decision.

1. What is the conversion rate from points to discounts for orders?


APPLYING POINTS ON CHECKOUT: EXCHANGE 100 Points = RM 1 discount on total basket amount

(**Unlike any other stores, Lavibeu does not limit as to how much points our customers can use to get discounts per order. Lavibeu members can accumulate up to even RM 100.00 worth of points and use it in a single order, no problem!)


2. How do I become a Lavibeu member?

Its simple, just sign up for an account with us at ‘MY ACCOUNT’. Also make sure to insert your billing and shipping address by editing your address at your account page.


3. How can I earn Points at Lavibeu store?

There are many ways you can earn points, not just from purchasing products from us:

  1. Purchase product of any amount and make successful payments
  2. Provide relevant product reviews on products that you have purchased (subjected to verification and approval from the Lavibeu team)
  3. Lavibeu Facebook events
  4. Lavibeu Instagram events

(**There will be many Points and voucher giveaway events on our Facebook and Instagram so make sure to follow us!)


4. Can I exchange the Points I have for Cash?

No. The Points you have collected can only be applied for discounts for your orders.

1. I am interested in promoting Lavibeu to others to gain some commission.

Be it you are a student, worker, youtuber, blogger, introvert, extrovert, someone famous or just someone ordinary, we want you! We are constantly looking for people to promote our store. There are many ways to do this but for people that don’t want complicated hard tasks, all we need you to do is as simple as sharing our website/posts on your social media or any other relevant places. Now, how are commission paid and what is the rate? Please contact us directly by dropping us an email at [email protected] with email title ‘AGENT OPPORTUNITY’.